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Did you know... fascinating sports facts (1)

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 Why is snooker called snooker(斯诺克,供两人打的落袋台球,打球人用球杆击白色母球撞 15 个红球和其他 6 个彩色球入袋)?


In the 1870s, billiards(台球) was a popular pastime(消遣, 娱乐) amongst British army officers stationed(驻扎) in India. They invented different versions of the game by gradually adding more coloured balls to the table.

At the time, the term “snooker” was a slang(俚语) name for a first year cadet(军官学校学生) or an inexperienced person. The story goes that in 1875 a colonel(上校) and a first year cadet were playing pool(普尔, 落袋台球) in Jabalpur(贾巴尔普尔, 印度中部城市) in India. When the cadet missed his shot, the colonel called his opponent(对手) a “snooker”. As this was a newly invented game, many of the officers missed shots and were branded “snookers” – after a while the name snooker was adopted(采用) for the game they were playing.

The first official rules were introduced in 1900 by The Billiards Association(台球协会) .

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