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[fashion] 2008 American Music Awards Fashion: Best and Worst Dressed

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Singer/Actress Miley Cyrus arrives at the 2008 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on November 23, 2008 in Los Angeles, California - Getty Images

2008 American Music Awards Fashion: Best and Worst Dressed
We give you the tops and the flops of AMAs fashion.

Natalie Broulette, Nov 24, 2008

The AMAs red carpet was a sea of shimmering (闪闪发光的) singers and celebrities (名人). Beaded (饰以珠的) gowns (女长服,通常是正式的长服) were the night's dominant trend bringing more sparkle (光彩) to the show than a platinum (白金) record. Breaking down music awards fashion can be a difficult to task (though not nearly as perplexing as Christina Aguilera's bangs). Different rules apply to the red carpet. We expect more outlandish styles and certain celebs are so extreme that they don't warrant a fashion critique (T-Pain, we're looking at you).

So here's our list of the AMAs fashion hits and misses.

The Tops
Taylor Swift is currently on our fashion favorites list. She rocked the red carpet in yet another silvery gown -- this time in a short and sassy (时髦的) number.

Those adorable (迷人的) Jonas Brothers looked super sleek in suits by Ralph Lauren. We love their complimentary, but never matchy-matchy style.

Julianne Hough gets props (支持者) for making us forget her Barbie doll styling at the CMAs two weeks ago. She showed up in a much more modern and adorable white dress with gold gladiator (角斗士) sandals (凉鞋).

Miley Cyrus spent her sweet 16 at the AMAs rocking the red carpet. Her gold and black minidress by Marchesa was on trend, modern, age-appropriate and our favorite look of the night.

The Flops (【非正式用语】 彻底失败)
In a suit jacket, ill-fitting jeans, and a nonsensical (荒谬的) pair of combat boots, Jamie Foxx made us long for his more conservative Oscar appearances.

Singer Colbie Caillat hit the red carpet in a green number that looked like something you'd skim off the top of a pond. The color and texture of the dress were all wrong and it seemed to be especially ill-fitting.

Oh Rihanna, we love your unconventional, inspired funkiness (胆战心惊) , but sometimes you get lost in all that '80s-influenced fashion. The gloves, the oversized earrings, the ruffles(褶裥饰边) , the deconstructed skirt ... you had us but you lost us.


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