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Fallout begins after dismal holiday season

来源:msnbc 作者: 时间:2008-12-30 Tag:Economic   recession   点击:

'The downturn has been catastrophic,' according to one retail analyst

updated 6:40 p.m. ET Dec. 29, 2008
NEW YORK - The fallout from the horrific holiday season for retailers has begun, with the operator of an online toy seller filing for bankruptcy protection and more stores are expected to do the same — meaning more empty storefronts (店面) and fewer brands on store shelves.

A rash of store closings, which some experts predict will be the most in 35 years, is likely to come across areas from electronics to apparel, shrinking the industry and leading to fewer niche players(利基市场玩家, 见注1) and suppliers.

The most dramatic pullback in consumer spending in decades could transform the retail landscape, as thousands of stores and whole malls close down. And analysts expect prolonged woes(长期困境) in the industry as the dramatic changes in shopping behavior could linger for another two or three years amid worries about the deteriorating(deteriorate: 恶化, 衰退) economy and rising layoffs.

注1:在国内,niche market被译为“利基市场”,其中niche即拾遗补缺或见缝插针的意思,因此所谓利基市场可以指空缺市场。在市场经济条件下,一些企业专注于市场的某一细分环节,他们不与强势企业正面竞争,“不拿鸡蛋碰石头”,而是通过专业化经营、见缝插针地占据有利的市场位置,这部分市场就可称为利基市场。而利基营销则是指企业通过整合各种营销要素,如开发产品、市场推广、客户服务等,集中力量于某一特定市场,从而形成独具特色的经营策略与经营方式,最终造就在这一领域的差异化优势。

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