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China's Lenovo considers restructuring: report

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SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China's Lenovo Group (0992.HK), the world's No.4 personal computer maker, is considering a restructuring because of tough economic conditions, China Business News reported on Wednesday.

The influential business newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying Lenovo might merge its Greater China(大中华地区, 见注1) and Russia operations with its Asia Pacific operations.

David Miller, president for the Asia Pacific region, is expected to resign and Chen Shaopeng, now president of the Greater China region, would head the merged operations, the newspaper said.

A Lenovo spokesman in Beijing said he would not comment on media speculation(猜测).

The newspaper quoted Chen as saying there was no plan to lay off workers in the Greater China area. He did not comment directly on the possibility of a restructuring.

Lenovo posted a 78 percent plunge(大跌) in net profit to $23.44 million for the quarter ended in September.

(Reporting by Fang Yan; Editing by Jacqueline Wong)

注1:大中华地区,又称大中华区,是一个经济或商业名词,所指的地域包含中国大陆、香港及澳门、以及台澎金马地区。有些时候,也会包括有许多华人居住的新加坡;或是泛指有华人居住及活动的地区。大中华地区是个政治中立的词语,不对上述地区的政治地位或统分状态做任何暗示。这个表达是源于上述地区相同或相近的文化及经济结构,在这些地区之间,有大量的相互投资及贸易往来。 很多商业机构将中国大陆、香港、澳门和台湾的业务组成为一个叫“大中华地区”的部门。

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