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Euro drops as traders sell off over Greece woes

来源:Business Daily 作者:Anirban Nag 时间:2011-05-27 Tag:Euro   点击:


The euro fell yesterday, as investors including hedge funds(对冲基金) cut bullish bets(牛市下注额) on mounting(上升的;增长的)  worries over Greece's finances, with many traders expecting the single currency to test key support levels(关键支撑位) on charts.

Speculative(投机性的) selling of the euro intensified as rumours swirled about Greece, with a drop in US stock index futures(股票指数期货)  and oil also adding to pressure on high-yielding currencies(高收益货币)  like the Australian dollar.

Traders cited market talk that Greece may call a snap election(呼吁提前举行大选) , as well as a rumour that Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou may resign, as factors that dragged the euro lower.

Greek newspapers reported the government is considering organising a referendum(全民投票;全民公决) on additional austerity measures(紧缩措施)  after it failed to reach consensus with the opposition on new austerity measures. Greek officials declined to comment on the reports.

The euro seemed poised(保持) for a test of chart support following its drop, with both the bottom of the cloud on the daily Ichimoku chart(Ichimoku云图,一目均衡表) , a Japanese technical analysis tool popular among traders, and the euro's 100-day moving average(移动平均线)  nestled(位于) near $1.3985.

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