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Stars Descend on White House for Obamas' Final State Dinner

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The Obamas hosted their final state dinner at the White House Tuesday night, and they're going out with a bang.

"Today is bittersweet for Michelle and I because this marks the final official visit and state dinner of my presidency. But it’s OK. We saved the best for last," the president said ahead of the dinner.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama held the dinner to honor Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife Agnese Landini.

The first lady wore a custom-made gown designed especially for her by Donatella Versace, according to Versace. The dress is a fitted, floor-length, rose gold chainmail gown with delicate draping details and an asymmetrical off-the-shoulder neckline.

Donatella Versace said in a statement, "I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to dress the first lady of the United States Michelle Obama. Thank you Michelle for all of the things you have done for America and for the rest of the world, for the women in the United States and the rest of the world."

"Women's Wear Daily" also noted of the first lady, "She also tried out another new look wearing her hair pencil-straight, similar to Donatella Versace's signature style."

President Obama was caught making small talk with the Italian prime minister as they entered the White House, recounting what he told the first lady tonight.

"Nobody cares about what we wear," he said. "All they're looking at is you."

The first lady's Italian counterpart wore a gown by Florentine designer Ermanno Scervino, according to the Italian press.

The guest list includes some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Jerry Seinfeld, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, and James Taylor. Fashion designers Giorgio Armani and Naeem Khan are also attending.

White House Executive Chef Cris Comerford said the planning for the meal started in August and included a taste test for the first lady at Batali’s New York City restaurant Babbo.

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