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Ivanka Trump accused of tweeting 'fake' Chinese proverb

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Internet users are saying Ivanka Trump would be wise to double check online quotes after she shared an apparently fake "Chinese proverb".

The daughter of the US president tweeted on Monday: "'Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it.' - Chinese Proverb".

But digital sleuths in the US and China said there is no evidence such a pearl of wisdom originated in China.

The alleged misattribution has provoked the proverbial online backlash.

The tweet was posted hours before her father, President Donald Trump, held historic talks with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

On social media site Weibo, some quoted similar sayings that are popular in China, such as: " Don't give advice while watching others playing a chess game."

"If you haven't tasted the grapes, don't say they're sour," one person responded.

"Did you get that from a fortune cookie?" another netizen asked.

The first daughter and White House adviser's post was still pinned to the top of her Twitter account on Tuesday.

Ms Trump has frequently touted her connection to China and its culture.

She hired a Chinese-speaking nanny to tutor her daughter.

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