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Cave rescue: Eight rescued Thai boys in 'good health'

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The first eight boys rescued from a cave in northern Thailand are in good mental and physical health, according to a government official.

The boys, who were evacuated over the past two days, have undergone X-rays and blood tests. Two have been treated for lung inflammation.

They will remain under observation in hospital for at least seven days.

The mission re-started on Tuesday morning, with divers hoping to bring out the rest of the group.

Four of the boys and their football coach are still deep in the Tham Luang cave. They are with a doctor and Thai Navy Seal divers who have been looking after them and, if conditions allow, nine people in total will come out in what officials hope will be the last day of the mission.

The latest stage in the rescue effort kicked off just after 10:00 local time (03:00 GMT), with 19 divers making their way into the cave.

The football team became trapped on 23 June after heavy rains caused flooding. They were found last week by divers.

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