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'Disappearance' of top Chinese actress Fan Bingbing concerns fans

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Chinese social media users are questioning the whereabouts of one of China's biggest film stars.

Fan Bingbing is one of the world's highest paid actors, but media reports in the country say that she hasn't been seen in public since 1 July when she visited a children's hospital.

Social media users are also noting her unusual silence on the popular Sina Weibo microblog, where she has more than 62 million followers. She has not been active on her account since 23 July, when she "liked" a number of posts.

In May, prominent TV presenter Cui Yongyuan appeared to accuse Fan Bingbing of tax evasion. Her studio has denied any wrongdoing,

It has not commented on her whereabouts.

Social media concern

Ms Fan is known internationally as a singer and model, as well as for her appearance in the X-Men film franchise.

She is one of China's most influential celebrities and posts regularly on her Weibo account. Her posts consistently receive thousands of user comments.

This makes her current online silence unusual, and hundreds of thousands of social media users have been voicing their concern.

Many are replying to her most recent post on 2 June and asking for her to release a statement and confirm that she is well.

"We love you, Fan Bingbing," many users say. Another adds: "We are waiting for an answer."

Others question if she has been detained, but at present this is pure speculation. They note the recent, highly circulated allegations surrounding her in relation to a wider government tax evasion probe.

Some celebrities are alleged to have used so-called "yin-yang" contracts: dual contracts in which one sets out an actor's real earnings, and another details a lower figure, with the latter submitted to the tax authorities.

In June, the actress's studio addressed these allegations and said that the star had never signed dual contracts, "The studio and Fan Bingbing will fully cooperate with the relevant authority. We hope the investigation result can be released soon to answer the public doubt."

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