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At 42 weeks pregnant, this New Zealand politician bicycled to the hospital to give birth

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This supermom, who happens to be a New Zealand politician, decided to kick start her baby's birth in the bike lane on Sunday.

Women's minister Julie Anne Genter announced that she took herself by bicycle to be induced. She'd reached the 42-week mark of her pregnancy.

"Beautiful Sunday morning for a bike ride, to the hospital, for an induction to finally have this baby," she captioned the photo of herself with baby bump standing beside a bike.

Genter, 38, has served as the 15th Minister for Women since October 2017. She was born in Rochester, Minnesota, and grew up in Los Angeles, California, according to The New Zealand Herald.


In regards to safe pregnancy exercise, the APA writes: "If you participated in a regular exercise activity prior to becoming pregnant, it is probably fine to continue to participate during your pregnancy. There are many exercises that are safe to do during your pregnancy, but it is important not to overdo it and to use caution."

Before beginning any exercises, Mayo Clinic says that pregnant women should make sure they have their health care provider's OK. The American Pregnancy Association lists spin class as a pregnancy workout option, but notes that stationary bikes are safer than regular bicycles, which come with risks like possibly hitting a bump or falling off the bike.

In a comment on her post, Genter said that her bike was an e-bike, meaning it was an electric-powered bicycle. She also noted that the trip to the hospital was "mostly downhill," and that she "should have cycled more" in prior weeks to get the labor going.

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