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Cuomo-Nixon debate: Can a room temperature really be sexist?

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Can a room temperature be sexist?

The question may sound bizarre, but it's taken off on social media ahead of a debate between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is seeking a third term, and Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon - his challenger for the Democratic nomination.

Ms Nixon has one chance to go head-to-head with Mr Cuomo, and her team fear she could be disadvantaged by freezing temperatures at the venue.

So is it just a diva demand, or part of a wider problem where women are left chilly in the workplace?

Here's how the heated discussion got started...

'Notoriously sexist temperature'

Governor Cuomo supposedly favours Arctic conditions when making public appearances. It's sufficiently bad that the New York Times once headlined an article, "Going to an Event Featuring Cuomo? Take a Coat, or Maybe a Blanket".

Keen to avoid the Big Freeze, Ms Nixon's team emailed organisers to ask that the room be heated to 76F (24C) on Wednesday night.

Strategist Rebecca Katz wrote that working conditions are "notoriously sexist when it comes to room temperature, so we just want to make sure we're all on the same page here".

When news of the request emerged, thermostat warriors lined up on both sides of the argument, with many agreeing that public spaces are "too cold" by women's standards.

"I'm sitting here in my work Snuggie wondering if this is actually the opening salvo of the revolution," wrote Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse.

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