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How can you get enough iron from your diet?

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Do you often feel tired, short of breath or can you feel you heart beating away inside your chest? Have your friends commented that you look unusually pale?

If so, you may have iron-deficiency anaemia, the world's most common nutritional disorder.

In the UK, it is particularly common among young women.

An analysis by the government's Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) on iron and health in 2011 indicated 21% of women aged between 19 and 34 had below recommended levels of ferritin (how iron is stored in the body).

I recently suggested to a friend with these symptoms that she might want to get herself checked out by her GP. A blood test revealed she was so anaemic it was surprising she could still walk upstairs. A few iron tablets sorted her out.

It's worth adding that you should talk to your GP if you're considering taking them - you might not need them and your symptoms could be caused by something else.

Where can you get your iron from?

Our bodies can't produce iron, so you have to get it in your diet - whether through foods that naturally contain it or those that have been fortified with iron, such as white bread and breakfast cereal.

The problem is that not all of that iron is in a form you can actually absorb.

How to get the most iron from your food

  • Eat leafy green veg raw or steamed
  • But do lightly boil your spinach
  • Eat or drink something containing vitamin C with your meal
  • Fermented breads are best

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