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Xi Jinping pledges to cut Chinese import tariffs

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China has promised to further cut import tariffs and open its economy as it tries to address criticisms that its trade practices are "unfair".

In a speech at a Shanghai trade expo, President Xi Jinping also made a robust defence of the global free trade system which he said was "under attack".

The comments are seen as a reference to the US, with which China is fighting a bitter trade war.

The US and China have hit each other with huge import tariffs this year.

Neither are showing any sign of backing down, and the US has threatened to escalate it further still.

Speaking at the opening of the expo, Mr Xi said that "in a world of deepening economic globalisation, practices of the law of the jungle and winner takes all only represent a dead end".

"An inclusive growth for all is surely the right way forward."

The US has imposed taxes on about half of Chinese imports into the US so far this year - making them more expensive for American consumers to them to buy domestic products - and has threatened to target all imports.

The White House says the tariffs are a response to China's "unfair" trade policies, which Mr Trump blames for helping to create a huge trade deficit, and its alleged intellectual property theft.

It also wants China to give American companies better access to its markets.

Mr Xi promised to take steps to boost imports, by cutting tariffs, facilitating customs clearance and reducing "institutional costs".

He did not make clear which countries' imports would benefit from the lower tariffs, and whether the US was on this list.

China would also "continue to broaden market access", Mr Xi said, adding that openness had become a "trademark of China".

"China's door will never be closed, it will only open still wider."

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