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Amazing photographs of the Milky Way!

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1.    The Milky Way is home to over 200 billion stars and 50 billion planets. These incredible photos capture what we can see of the immense beauty of our galaxy. (Photo: Eric Hines Photography/Flickr )

2. The Milky Way over a dirt road in Wyoming. (Photo: Eric Hines Photography/Flickr )


 3. The Milky Way over Clinton Gulch, Colorado. (Photo: Daniel G McVey/Flickr)


4. Devils Tower in Wyoming captured with a stunning view of the Milky Way. (Photo: Eric Hines Photography/Flickr)


5. The Milky Way glows in this landscape with a silhouetted tree. (Photo: Eric Hines Photography/Flickr )


  6. Lake City, Colorado's view of the Milky Way. (Photo: Michael_Underwood/Flickr)


7. The Milky Way as seen from Auburn, Alabama. (Photo: Scott Fillmer/Flickr)



8. More Milky Way from Auburn. (Photo: Scott Fillmer/Flickr)

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