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You can now eat breakfast at Tiffany's in real life

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Tiffany shoppers can now channel their inner Audrey Hepburn at the luxury jeweler's new cafe.

Tiffany & Co. will starting serving meals at its Blue Box Cafe, in the company's Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City.

Blue Box's menu offers breakfast items like truffle eggs and buttermilk waffles served with a choice of coffee or tea for $29. Lunch is priced at $39 and includes a starter and main course, like the Fifth Avenue Maine lobster salad.


The restaurant, which opens Friday, sits on the same floor as Tiffany's new luxury home and accessories collection. The interior decor features chic finishes like herringbone marble and amazonite.



The iconic Tiffany blue is seen throughout the interior and is at the forefront of the cafe's design, according to a statement released by Tiffany.

"The setting is as inviting as the food is inspiring, serving customers who have always dreamed of having breakfast at Tiffany," the company wrote in a press release sent to ABC News.

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