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The most popular GIF of 2017 actually perfectly sums up 2017

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(CNN)2017, man. We laughed, we cried, we cry-laughed and, when words failed us, we relied on the sage power of GIFs and memes to communicate the deep unease coursing just under the surface of our daily existence.

Which is to say, it's no surprise that the most popular GIF of 2017 is an expression of confused, slightly offended disbelief.
The people behind Tenor, the top GIF-sharing app, searched billions of GIFs used on the app and across social media this year to find the ones people turned to the most. Ultimate honors went to...
1. "white guy blinking"
2. Crying baby, but probably in a mocking way
3. Excited Jonah Hill
4. Sad Dre from "Black-ish"
5. Shirley Temple being like "lol," but in a way that seems a bit contemptuous
6. Millhouse from "The Simpsons," and his flirty eyebrows
7. Shaq laughing on SB Nation

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