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Coronavirus: Field hospitals treating patients around world

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Coronavirus cases globally have now reached more than 735,000, with at least 34,000 deaths.

To cope with pressure that threatens to overwhelm health systems, countries are building field hospitals that can treat thousands of patients.

Armed forces and even laid-off airline workers are being drafted in for construction and to support medics and patients.

Conference venues, stadiums, and fairgrounds are some of the sites used.


A field hospital in Rafah, Gaza Strip


NHS Nightingale is being built to try to ease demands on the UK health service


Medics will treat Covid-19 patients in a 68-bed hospital in Central Park, New York City


A field hospital in Crema, Lombardy where health workers are struggling to cope with the outbreak


A Tehran exhibition centre will treat thousands of Iranian patients


Brazil has more than 4,250 cases of the virus, with 136 fatalities. Clubs have offered former World Cup venues for use by the health system.

Football stadium and concert venue Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo has been turned in a temporary hospital with room for 200 beds.

Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones are among artists who have performed at Sao Paulo's Pacaembu Stadium

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