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Coronavirus lockdown: How can we lift restrictions?

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When can I see my family? Have friends round? Have a night out? A holiday? Or even go back to work? When can children go back to school?

Lockdowns have been essential for containing the spread of coronavirus, but they are causing huge disruption, and distress, to lives around the world.

So when can they be lifted?

There are big decisions for governments to make - when to act, which restrictions to lift, how to contain the virus instead and how to balance saving lives today with long-term damage to society.


President Donald Trump has claimed "total" power to lift the nationwide coronavirus lockdown, contradicting governors and legal experts.

"The president of the United States calls the shots," Mr Trump said during a combative press conference in which he feuded with reporters.

But the US Constitution says the states maintain public order and safety.

Ten states on the US East and West coasts are planning to lift their strict stay-at-home orders.

The US is the global epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic with 682,619 confirmed cases and 23,608 deaths.

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