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Vegan seafood: The next plant-based meat trend?

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Seafood is difficult to veganise well, but some companies are betting on new technologies and customers to overcome the challenges.

Seaweed-wrapped deep-fried tofu, served in newspaper. Marinated aubergine slices pressed over rice. Chunks of legume protein coated in oil and herbs. These products are intended to mimic various fish dishes – fish and chips, unagi, canned tuna – and they’re all available now.

Faux seafood isn’t entirely new, but products are limited and many of those that have been available so far have been underwhelming and undermarketed. These range from bland tofish and chips served in pubs to rubbery faux shrimp sold in Chinese grocers’ freezer sections, part of the long tradition of imitation meats in Chinese Buddhist cuisine.

These products are ripe for the kind of innovation that has driven and expanded the plant-based meat industry. Yet faux seafood manufacturers seeking to make niche products mainstream face some unique challenges, from cultivating great taste and texture through to scaling costs for ambitious new offerings.


Right now, there’s no vegan alternative that accurately mimics fish and chips – but some are hoping to change that (Credit: Alamy)


Some prized fish, like bluefin tuna, are critically endangered. Environmental concerns could help boost demand for faux seafood products (Credit: Alamy)


Cell-based meat is created from the cells of donor animals. Here shrimp stem cells are being grown in a pink-coloured nutritional solution (Credit: Shiok Meats)

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