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Yao: A Life in Two Worlds (3)

来源: 作者:Yao Ming with Ric Bucher 时间:2009-09-30 Tag:Yao   点击:


Behind the Wheel
      I didn’t grow up driving a car or even thinking of driving a car. Besides, it’s very hard to find a car that is comfortable for someone as tall as I am. Imagine driving a go-cart(小推车) at 60 miles an hour; that’s what it’s like for me to drive most cars.
      I drove a car only once in China before I came to the U.S., but I wouldn’t say I knew how to drive. When I was first learning to drive, Colin told me about the school bus. We have school buses in China, but I don’t remember cars being careful around them.
      But Colin said if I saw a school bus here, I couldn’t pass it. And if a school bus stops, I must wait 15 feet behind it. When I took my driver’s test, I remember him telling me something like that, but I wasn’t sure exactly what he told me. The examiner(主考官) just had me driving on neighborhood streets. The test was almost over when I came up behind a school bus. It was going slower and slower. It was like a bad dream: I’d forgotten if I could pass him or not, so I said, “OK, whatever he does, I’m just going to follow him.” I passed the test, but I was very nervous about that school bus.

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