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Nissin Foods cooking up comic for 60th anniversary

来源:Nikkei Asian Review 作者: 时间:2017-08-29 Tag: 点击:

Cartoon will honor instant ramen creator Ando, the company founder


Nissin Foods Holdings will release a comic commemorating the history of founder Momofuku Ando and his globally popular invention, instant ramen, on the company's 60th anniversary in 2018.

The comic will be translated into Chinese, English and two other languages to promote Nissin's brand around the world. Nissin also is considering an online release of the comic so the public can view it.

"I want to make this an opportunity for people around the world to get to know Nissin through a uniquely Japanese comic version of our history," said President Noritaka Ando, who proposed the idea.

Cartoonist Takashi Okazaki will write the comic. He also wrote the story for the animation running on Nissan's homepage and at the Cup Noodles Museum, which the company operates in Yokohama. Nissin's history will be dramatized for the comic.  

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