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N.Y. Killer Sent Letter Bemoaning

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April 6, 2009

The gunman who killed 13 people and himself in Friday's immigration(移民) center massacre(屠杀) in Binghamton, N.Y., wrote a letter stating his plan to take the lives of himself and at least two others, according to a local television station that received the letter today.

In the rambling(布局凌乱的) letter, postmarked(盖邮戳于) Friday, April 3, -- the day of the massacre -- and mailed to Syracuse's News 10 Now, the author allegedly identifies himself and admits to the shootings: "I am Jiverly Wong shooting the people."

Handwritten in all capital letters, the letter conveys a sense of isolation(隔离), prejudice and persecution(迫害), saying he couldn't accept his "poor life" and will take "at least two people with me go to return to the dust of earth."

Wong, an immigrant(移民) from Vietnam who reportedly(据报道说) attended language classes at the civic association where police say he opened fire, apologizes for his weak English skills in the letter. Through somewhat broken English, the letter explains the motives behind the shooting, pointing to a history of exploitation(剥削利用) and ridicule(嘲弄) by police officers.

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