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In first visit to China, Obama walks a tightrope

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updated 2:47 p.m. ET Nov. 15, 2009

SHANGHAI - President Barack Obama is walking a tightrope on his first trip to China, seeking to enlist help (寻求帮助)in tackling urgent global problems while weighing when and how — or if — he should raise traditional human rights concerns.

Obama arrived in Shanghai late at night, in a driving rain, hustling through a phalanx(方阵) of umbrella-holding dignitaries(高官) to reach his limousine(豪华轿车). On Monday, the president is holding talks with local politicians and, in one of the marquee events of his weeklong Asian trip, conducting an American-style town hall (市政厅)discussion with Chinese university students.

Thirty years after the start of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the ties are growing — but remain mixed on virtually every front.

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