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"Avatar" sinks "Titanic" as world's biggest movie

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updated 5:37 p.m. ET Jan. 26, 2010
LOS ANGELES - James Cameron is king of the world again.

20th Century Fox said Tuesday that the director's sci-fi spectacle, "Avatar," has passed his shipwreck(海难) saga(长篇故事) "Titanic" to become the highest-grossing(最高收入) film worldwide.

As of Monday, "Avatar" had brought in $1.859 billion at the box office(票房收入), passing the $1.843 billion worldwide record set by 1997's "Titanic."

"Titanic" remains the highest-grossing film domestically at $600.8 million.

"Avatar" has been No. 1 at the box office for six straight weeks with a domestic(国内的) total of $554.9 million. It shot down "The Dark Knight" on Saturday to become the second highest-grossing film domestically.

"Avatar" has also mined(采矿,这里为比喻说法) $1.3 billion in international ticket sales, smashing(击碎) the $1.24 billion mark previously set by "Titanic."

注:sci-fi为science fiction的缩写,意为科幻小说。

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