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'Rogue One' and original 'Star Wars' trilogy intersect in upcoming Marvel series

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Major "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" spoilers ahead!

The heroes of "Rogue One" may have all perished in the Battle of Scarif, but their sacrifice is definitely not forgotten.

On the ABC News series "Inside Marvel: Darth Vader," Kieron Gillen, who writes various books for Marvel Comics, revealed that in an upcoming issue of the publishing company's "Star Wars" comic series, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo all visit Jedha, the small moon that was used as Imperial target practice in "Rogue One."

In the film, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Bohdi Rook, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus and droid K-2SO narrowly escape as the holy Jedha City is blasted by the newly operational Death Star. They eventually steal the Death Star plans and deliver them to the rebellion.

Gillen and artist Salvador Larocca are taking over the "Star Wars" comic series for Marvel this fall with issue #38. Their story takes place after Luke destroys the Death Star in "A New Hope," but before "The Empire Strikes Back." The comic stories are also canon, which means they are the official backstory between the films.

If you're confused at all by the various "Star Wars" films mentioned here, the order goes as follows: "Rogue One," then "A New Hope" and finally, "Empire Strikes Back."

“Luke took a million to one shot [blowing up the Death Star], but he didn’t realize in a very real way how many people died to let him take that shot. And that’s a really inspiring thing,” Gillen said. “That’s going to drive him harder than ever.”

The first story arc, Gillen says, will have Luke, Leia and Han landing on Jedha.

“We basically get a 'Rogue One-Star Wars' intersection," Gillen said, “because I really just want to see Luke respond to discovering people like Jyn, discovering the people who led to him being able to take a shot at the Death Star.”

“Luke is desperately seeking the Force and of course it’s one of the holiest cities in the universe, and it’s been blown up,” he added. “The key image is Luke standing in the hole where the Death Star blew it.”

Visiting Jedha will also be a powerful moment for Leia, Gillen said, after being recently forced to watch the Death Star obliterate her home planet, Alderaan.

Gillen’s "Rogue One" inspired, post-apocalyptic storyline will be the latest movie-comics-TV crossover in the "Star Wars" universe.

“For me, that was one of the things I completely got when I watched 'Rogue One.' It’s like, ‘I wonder what Luke and Leia make of this,'” he said.

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