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US election 2020: Is Florida (again) key to this election?

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Florida. The mere mention of the state when talking about politics brings smiles to Republican faces and sends shivers down Democratic spines.

Florida is where liberal dreams are broken. It's the place where, in what was otherwise a Democratic wave election of 2018, the party narrowly lost the governorship and an incumbent Senate seat. It's where, in 2000, 540 votes delivered the White House to Republican George W Bush, instead of Al Gore.

For Democrats, Florida is like an unreliable friend - never around when needed. The last four times the party won the presidency, they could have lost Florida and still prevailed. But in two of the last three Democratic defeats, winning Florida would have meant taking the White House.

That one exception was 2016, when despite losing the nationwide popular vote, Donald Trump eked out a plurality in enough states to win a comfortable electoral college victory. The results from Florida, however, were the first flashing sign that Democrat Hillary Clinton was in trouble on election night.

Fast forward four years, and Florida is once again an electoral battleground that could decide the presidency. Polls, as they always seem to do here, show the state is close. And if the overall race is tight, Florida - with its 29 electoral votes - could once again be decisive.

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