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Boris Johnson to self-quarantine after exposure to member of Parliament with COVID-19

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U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was hospitalized in the spring for the coronavirus, is self-isolating after he was exposed to a Member of Parliament who contracted the virus, British officials announced Sunday.

Johnson met on Thursday with a group of members of Parliament that included Lee Anderson, who later tested positive, according to a spokesperson from Downing Street. The meeting lasted for 35 minutes, according to the spokesperson.

The National Health Service's Test and Trace team informed Johnson about Anderson's condition and instructed him to self-isolate, according to the spokesperson. Johnson is not showing any symptoms and is doing well, the spokesperson said in a statement.

"He will carry on working from Downing Street, including leading the Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic," the statement said.

In April, Johnson contracted the virus and was hospitalized for nearly a week. He spent three days in the ICU.


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