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Trump becomes first ex-US president to face criminal charges

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  • Donald Trump is the first US president to be indicted in criminal proceedings, which also happened as he is seeking the Republican nomination in 2024
  • The specific charge is not known, but the grand jury investigation centered on a $130,000 bribe to porn actress Stormy Daniels to stop her from going public about a sexual encounter with Trump
  • The key witness in the case, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, told MSNBC that the indictment "will speak for itself"
  • Trump is due to appear in court on Tuesday next week for his arraignment, during which he will be asked to enter a plea, according to his lawyer
  • Trump described the indictment as "political persecution" and said he doesn't expect a fair trial
  • Supporters waving US flags have gathered outside Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where he has been staying
  • Longtime ally Sen. Lindsey Graham called the indictment "a shocking and dangerous day for rule of law in America"
  • Democrats say the indictment proves that no one is above the law. There has been no statement yet from US President Joe Biden

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