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31 Modern and Creative Book Shelves

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4. Cave Book Shelf:

Inspired by the spacelessness of modern Japanese homes, Sakura Adachi created a womb-like reading room amidst a series of clean-lined shelf systems to keep the connection between reader and book as intimate as possible. Not for giants or those who prefer a more laissez faire (放任, 自由主义) approach to their favorite pastime.

Designer website:

5. Andreas Hegert’s Book Shelf:

A rebel with a cause, Andreas Hegert gives anarchy a functional meaning with this squiggly (弯弯曲曲的) trio (三件套) of shelves, which range from 40cm to one meter in length. If you’re one of those eclectic readers whose interests range from Tolkien to Hegel, this random collection of shelves will suit your philosophical rhythm.

Pay no attention to the linear structure of walls, floor and ceiling, but mind you don’t cover the light shades, which are made of powder-coated sheet and fitted with LEDs.

Designer website:

6. Good Morning Technology Bookshelf:

A modern take on Scandinavian Shaker simplicity, this Danish blue and white block effect uses rectangular (矩形的) wood and metal cubbies as both storage and structural support.

An added beauty of the chequered (交错的) system lies in the fact that the height can be adjusted and books are stacked horizontally (水平地) or vertically (垂直地).

Designer website:

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