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2009 Ten Best Cars

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9. Porsche Boxster | Cayman

Porsche Boxster | Cayman

The hallmark of a true sports car is how well it involves its driver in the driving. Although the Boxster and the Cayman differ in character -- roadster versus hardtop -- they're alike in terms of how well they communicate every nuance of mechanical information to the pilots and how accurately they convert driver inputs into response. This is the essence of the car-and-driver connection, and few sports cars do it better. 

9. Porsche Boxster | Cayman

Porsche Boxster | Cayman
Neither of these mechanically identical mid-engined cousins can be called inexpensive. Pricing for a basic Boxster, with a 245-hp, 2.7-liter flat-six, isn't much under $50,000, and a loaded Cayman S easily surpasses $70,000. But we have yet to meet an owner who thinks his car isn't worth the money. 

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