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2009 Ten Best Cars

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3. Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette
The big news in the Corvette camp this year is obviously the ZR1 supercar, the 638-hp rocket that's the capo di tutti capo of Vettes. We're seduced by Chevy's new missile, but we can't include it in our 2009 awards because it has a base price that's some 34 grand north of our maximum base price of $71,000. That cutoff also eliminates the Z06, an '08 listee (登记簿上列名者) whose '09 base price has crept over the line. 

But never mind. Extensively updated last year, including a useful infusion of horsepower, the standard Corvette coupe and convertible continue to deliver a level of performance and style that's unbeatable for the money. 

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