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Earth Hour around the world

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 Indonesian artists perform during a candle lighting to mark earth hour in Jakarta(雅加达) on Saturday, March 28. Indonesia's capital took part for the first time in the Earth Hour campaign to raise awareness about climate change by turning off its lights for an hour, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.




The general views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the lights on (left) before "Earth Hour" and then during (right) in Sydney on Saturday.




 The Bank of China building, the Cheung Kong Centre(长江中心), the HSBC(汇丰银行) Building and the Standard Chartered Bank(渣打银行) building and the colonial Legislative Council building just before Earth Hour and then during as Hong Kong turns out its lights on Saturday.



Customers talk under street light after lights are switched off at a pub in Lan Kwai Fong during Earth Hour in Hong Kong.




A combination image shows a view of Beijing's National Grand Theater(国家大剧院) before and during Earth Hour.




The view from a capsule(航天舱) of a giant observation wheel on the Singapore Flyer. It's a before and during shot when lights were switched off in Singapore on Saturday.




Volunteers with candles in front of the Singapore Flyer on Saturday.




Customers dine by candlelight inside a restaurant during Earth Hour in Manila(马尼拉), the Philippines, on Saturday.




A combination photo shows a night view of the site of the ancient Giza Pyramids(吉萨金字塔) before and after switching off the lights for Earth Hour on Saturday in Cairo(开罗), Egypt.


The lights at London's Houses of Parliament(国会大厦) are turned off to mark "Earth Hour" on Saturday.


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