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Hollywood's Youth Movement

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Hayden Panettiere has been acting since childhood, with roles on soap operas(肥皂剧) and in "Remember the Titans" among her most famous. But she garnered(得到) her most media attention playing superpowered cheerleader Claire Bennet on NBC's "Heroes."



Emma Roberts may resemble a few older actors you know. Her dad is Eric Roberts and her aunt is megastar Julia. Emma has been acting since she was 9, with her most famous roles including that of Nancy Drew in the 2007 movie, the lead role in the TV series "Unfabulous," and a starring role in "Hotel for Dogs."


Zac Efron earned fame after his role in the first "High School Musical" movie, but he was also a regular cast member on the TV series "Summerland" and played snooty(傲慢的) Link Larkin in the movie version of the musical "Hairspray." His relationship with co-star Vanessa Hudgens means he's often in the tabloids(小报)and celebrity magazines.



Taylor Swift was just 16 when she released her debut(首次演出) single, "Tim McGraw," which went to No. 6 on the Billboard country charts. It's been a meteoric rise ever since. According to Nielsen SoundScan, she was the biggest-selling American artist of 2008.


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