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'What??! Third?' Hilarious moment Chinese swimmer finds out she has won the bronze medal in the middle of her 'defeat speech' in Rio 2016

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A Chinese swimmer only found out that she had won the bronze medal during an interview with the country's press on August 9. 

Fu Yuanhui had won the bronze medal during the women's 100 metre backstroke final but hadn't realised it until she was told by a reporter. 

The Olympic swimmer has already become a hit on Chinese social media after her hilarious interview with reporters after her semi-final heat on August 7. 




The swimmer had just finished her race when she was being interviewed by China Central Television. 

She starts telling the reporter: 'Even though I did not win a medal..' 

The reporter then steps in telling her that she has actually come third.

She replies: 'What??! Third?' 

After the reporter confirming the result she says: 'I did not know. In that case it's not bad at all.' 

The swimmer came in joint third place with Canada's Kylie Masse who also posted a time of 58.76. The race was won by Katinka Hosszu from Hungary while Kathleen Baker from the US won a silver medal. 

Fu Yuanhui is already a celebrity on China's social media after a hilarious interview with CCTV after her semi-finals race on August 7.  

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