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In pictures: Sony World Photography Awards

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A selection of the shortlisted photographs in the world’s largest photography competition.


The shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards competition has been released with the winner set to be announced on 20 April. We present a selection of potential winners, drawn from more than 220,000 entries, including this one by Ann Ric which captures Mount Fuji during Japan's Fujisan Marathon.


A colourful picture is of beach goers in Salento, Italy, was captured from above Vito Leone.


Ami Vitale photographs a captive-bred panda bear at Wolong Nature Reserve in China. Handlers wear panda suits to protect the cubs from becoming used to human contact.


Carmen Sajeras, 85, was born in Cuba, from a Spanish emigrant family. She told photographer Anisleidy Martinez Fonseca that she was nostalgic for the years before the Revolution.


Emrah Karakoc's picture shows the huge crowds at the Mourning of Muharram event in Ardabil City, Iran.

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