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A68a iceberg: Science mission to investigate frozen giant

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A team of scientists is being sent to the South Atlantic to study the giant iceberg A68a.

The 3,900-sq-km behemoth is currently drifting offshore of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia where it threatens to run aground.

If that happens it could make life extremely difficult for the wildlife haven's penguins and seals as they go about foraging for fish and krill.

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) will lead the expedition.


The researchers will approach A68a in the Royal Research Ship James Cook.

They'll use robotic underwater vehicles and sampling instruments to see how the frozen mass is influencing its environment.

Big bergs change the temperature of the sea around them and introduce huge volumes of fresh water as they melt. This affects conditions for all marine life - from the simplest planktonic organisms all the way up to the biggest creatures in the ocean, the whales.




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