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G-20 Summit

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An economic crisis is destroying the United States. It’s also creating serious problems for the rest of the world. To deal with all of it, 20 world leaders are getting together to patch things up. But they’re taking just one day to do it. Will they succeed? Many experts have no illusions. Paul Krugman is a Nobel Prize winner in Economics and New York Times columnist. He calls the summit a “major non-meeting of minds.” He says no binding agreements will come out of it.
经济危机正在摧毁美国。而且也为世界其他地区带来严重问题。为了应对整个危机,20位世界各国的领导聚集到一起纠正这一问题。但他们将只用一天时间。他们会成功吗?许多专家都不抱幻想。Paul Krugman是诺贝尔经济学奖得主和《纽约时报》的专栏作家。他称此次峰会是一次“基本上未达成一致”的会议。他说峰会不会得出任何有约束力的协议。
"It’s more of a touchy-feely kind of meeting right now. You know, we’re not going to reach a pact for everybody to spend three percent of GDP on stimulus. Possibly, there could be at least a commitment in principle to some kind of exchange rate stabilization for emerging markets, but I don’t---I wouldn’t put, uh, set the expectations too high right now.”
The US is at the core of the ongoing financial crisis. However, American President-elect Barack Obama won’t even be attending the gathering of world leaders. Instead, George Bush is hosting the summit, even though he’s leaving the White House walls in just two months. This made many wonder why the summit is being held at all. Dennis Kucinich is an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, who has called for George Bush’s impeachment dozens of times.
美国是这场仍在进行的金融危机的中心,但美国当选总统巴拉克·奥巴马甚至没有参加世界领导人的聚会,而是由乔治·布什主持峰会,虽然他将在两个月内离开白宫。这让很多人疑惑为什么要举行这场峰会。Dennis Kucinich是布什政府的大声批评者之一,他曾多次呼吁弹劾乔治·布什。
“Mr. Bush, unfortunately, is not in a position where anything that he says is going to be relied on by the world community, ‘cause everyone knows a new president is coming in.”
The population of the G-20 states makes up for two-thirds of people on the planet. The countries also make up for 80 percent of the world’s GDP. They are also members of the IMF. The International Monetary Fund is an international organization that oversees the global financial system and is an international lender of last resort. Many analysts say the IMF is at the core of the problem. The calls for the reform are growing if a new financial architecture is what the world needs. Quotas and voting power within the IMF do not reflect the current sizes of economies and their ability to contribute resources.
“49.5 percent of the voting shares in the fund, as all of you know, are represented by the United States and Europe. Only 5.6 percentage of voting structure of the IMF is in the hands of China and India. This is ridicule. It’s---it just doesn’t make sense.”
Russia and the EU have called upon reform of both the IMF and the World Bank. Meanwhile, the US has been sending mixed signals in terms of the specific action it would want to see taken.
The time for action is now. The global economy needs emergency help. Leaders have just one day to deal with the crisis affecting the entire world. And even though expectations are not over the top, what’s important is for the first brick to be laid, and that could already be a step forward. I’m Statzia Chergonov…
现在就是行动的时候了。全球经济需要紧急救助。领导人们只有一天时间应对影响整个世界的危机。即使期望不是很高,但重要的是垒下了第一块砖头,而那可能已经是前进一步了。Statzia Chergonov为您报道。




patch…up 修补,草草修理;解决(争吵等);拼凑成;修改,修正
1.Try to patch things up between them, will you? 你去给他们说说和,可以吗?
2.A hole has been made on my old tyre. I have to patch it up. 我的旧轮胎上破了个洞。我得补一下。

illusion 可以表示生理上的错觉、幻觉,也可以表示心理上抱有的某种幻想。

a Nobel Prize Winner in Economics 获得某个领域的奖项可以用“奖项名或奖项等级+ in(for) +领域”,to win the Nobel Prize in(for) Literature, to win a gold medal in hurdle race.

columnist 专栏作家

emerging markets 新兴市场,指发展中国家的金融市场,没有一致公认的定义,但人们常以国际金融公司(IFC)和摩根士丹利编制的新兴市场指数为基准。

at the core of 处于......的核心地位

outspoken 直言不讳的

a lender of last resort 最后贷款人
of last resort表示最终,终极,最后的。相关词组还有court of last resort(终审法院),owner of last resort(最后持有人)等。

quota 配额,份额

call upon 请来;召唤;派人去取

in terms of 有关......,就......方面

over-the-top 言过其实的,夸大其词的

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