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How To Get the Most Out Of Your Internship

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You don’t have to spend your ____1____ (实习期) at the copy machine praying for the day to end. Jump in with both feet to make it more than just a line on your ____2____ (简历).

You will need: an interest in the company, goals, and initiative(主动性).

Step 1: Take an interest
Take an interest in the company you will be working for. ____3____ (在……之前) the start of your internship, read up on their history, their work, and their goals.
Step 2: Set goals
Set goals for what you’d like to ____4____ (完成) or learn during your internship. This will give you something to ____5____ (奋斗) while you are there.

Tip: Make sure your internship supervisor(监管者) is aware of any academic(学术上的) requirements or standards that you must meet during the course of your work.

Step 3: Arrive early
Arrive early, and if they need the help, stay late. ____6____ (对待) your internship like a real job, even if you are not being paid for the work you do.

Step 4: Relish the mundane
Relish(享受) mundane(平淡的) tasks like photocopying or filing as though they were much more interesting than they actually are. This will help you do a better, faster job so you can move on to bigger things.

Step 5: Show willingness
Show willingness to learn new skills and initiative to ____7____ (承担) projects beyond the mundane. Don’t wait for someone to hand you something interesting — ask for it.

Step 6: Acquire take-aways
Acquire ____8____ (确凿的,有形的) take-aways, such as completed projects that you can use for your portfolio(文件夹) and the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of co-workers or supervisors who can give you references(证明,推荐) in the future.

Step 7: Get credit
Get college credit or ____9____ (应用) the internship toward your degree requirements if these options are available.

Did you know? Many famous people, including Brooke Shields, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, and Frank Lloyd Wright, completed internships before rising to stardom(走运的阶段).





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