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How to Answer Hard Interview Questions

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How to answer hard interview questions? Increase your confidence and land your dream job by learning how to answer hard interview questions. You will need: preparation, communication skills, goals, a positive attitude, enthusiasm(热情), work samples, and a resume(简历). Optional: a computer with internet access.

Step 1: Prepare for interview
Prepare for the interview by familiarizing(使熟悉) yourself with common tough questions and practicing your answers.
Tip: Searching online for sample questions will help you feel more prepared.

Step 2: Talk to the interviewer
Talk to the interviewer about your education, work experience, qualifications, and goals when asked to talk about yourself. Communicate clearly by keeping it short and to the point(切中要点).
Step 3: Focus on lessons learned
Focus on what you learned and how you wanted to achieve new goals when asked why you left your last employer. Keep a positive attitude when discussing previous employment.

Step 4: Express commitment
Express to the interviewer that you see yourself growing with the company by utilizing(使用,应用) your knowledge and experience when asked where you see yourself in five years.
Step 5: Focus on improvement
Focus on what you can improve in your work and how it will become an asset(资产) to the organization you are interviewing for when asked about your weaknesses.

Step 6: Show interest
Show your enthusiasm for the position you are applying for and state that your salary is negotiable when asked about compensation(补偿金).

Step 7: Focus on attributes
Focus on your unique personal attributes(特性,品质) when asked why they should hire you for the job. Show them samples of your work and refer to your resume — and get that job!

Did you know? Interview questions relating to health conditions, race, age, marital status(婚姻状况), and gender are illegal.

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