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How to Complain Without Sounding Like a Jerk

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How to complain without sounding like a jerk(性格古怪之人)? Sometimes you just have to complain, but there are ways to get your point across without throwing a hissy fit(大发脾气). You will need: notes, directness(直截了当), someone to complain to, quick action, a solution, and manners. Optional: dates and names, and compliments.

Step 1: Take notes
Take notes as soon as you notice something is wrong and you can’t call immediate attention to it. This way you can get all the facts straight when you tell your side of the story.

Tip: Keep a paper trail(用纸笔记录) that includes dates and names of people you talked to if your complaint goes further than one rung(梯子的一阶) up the ladder.

Step 2: Be direct
Be direct about what it is you are complaining about. Don’t ramble(东拉西扯) and go on a tirade(长篇累牍), just state succinctly(简介地) what it is you are upset about.

Step 3: Recognize who is responsible
Recognize who is responsible for the mistake. Your waitress didn’t cook your meal, so why blame her for it? If you accuse someone of something, be sure that they are at fault.

Tip: Pepper in some compliments, for example, “I really like the way you cut the bangs, but I think the color is too dull.”

Step 4: Don't wait
Don’t wait to complain and stew(炖,焖) in your anger for days before writing a scathing(尖刻的) review(检查,评论) of the offending company on the internet. Complain while the company still has the opportunity to fix the problem.

Step 5: State what you expect
State what you expect to happen as a remedy. Just remember not to go overboard(走极端).

Step 6: Be nice
Be nice, above all. You won’t get anywhere yelling and screaming and name-calling. Remember the Golden Rule — treat others as you would like to be treated.

Did you know? The average business hears from only four percent of its unhappy customers.

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